Ans : We provide access to the very latest open source software and database technologies. Click here to see the list.

Ans : No installation required. Simply create an account and password and login from any device using a standard browser. Your lab is available immediately. No installation or setup.

Ans : Yes, you can upload large data sets to any Xtendlabs account and use it across multiple software applications.

Ans : Yes, just login in once and access all of the applications in our library. Upload your own data set and evaluate multiple applications.

Ans : We utilize Amazon Web Services to support our platform which includes the highest security in the industry so you can be assured that your data is safe.

Ans : Users can cancel the subscription within 24 hours of first payment of the subscription.

Ans : Yes. Xtendlabs can integrate with Active Directory, LDAP, and other identity management solutions to create a seamless Single Sign-on solution.