Enterprise Solutions

Today’s data driven businesses are often constrained by lack of resources and therefore don’t have the flexibility, time or infrastructure to properly evaluate new software architectures and concepts.

Xtendlabs allows companies to develop and evaluate software proofs-of-concept faster, and at a much lower cost, significantly reducing the risk of software projects and accelerating time to market.

Plus with Xtendlabs you can focus on your business needs and stop worrying about technology infrastructure and IT administrators. Pay only for the resources you need without a large upfront IT investments to support Big Data and other emerging technology platforms.


Features and Benefits

  • Test new software technologies and architecture
  • Test software feasibility and performance across multiple use cases and data sets
  • Automatically scale to manage very large data sets
  • Develop and test future software architecture concepts
  • Pilot new applications using new software technologies
  • Provide an ongoing “Innovation Hub” to test new applications, technologies, and ideas
  • Provide remote customer access to proof-of-concept for a limited time period