Academic Institution Solutions

Both brick and mortar academic institutions and online software training organizations have rapidly expanded their software development course offerings due to the rapid growth and demand for talent in the software industry.

A key aspect of a good software learning course is providing students with hands-on access to a software environment to learn, practice and become proficient with software technologies. Providing hands-on training is difficult and cumbersome however for both students and educators.

Today students are often required to install software applications on their own computers which is both time consuming and problematic for some systems. If an academic institution is providing physical training labs with computers to teach programming, each system must be wiped clean for each class to provide a new pristine environment for students which is also costly and inefficient.

What is needed is a solution that provides students with a pristine, hands-on lab environment on-demand, with no installation or setup.

Xtendlabs enables Academic Institutions to provide emerging software platforms to their students online, from any location, at any time.


Features and Benefits

  • Virtual IT labs on-demand with no installation or setup time
  • Includes the latest Big Data, Machine Learning, and database technologies
  • Scalable on-demand to meet any class size
  • Available 24/7 from any location
  • Accessible via a standard web browser
  • Customizable to provide access for defined periods of time